Month 2, Down in The Lab!

Down in the laaaaaaab. 

February was kinda cool. Lots of changes! 

#steinvanstudio is up and running in beta. A spot for twisting hair, making clothes, shopping, photos & more. (Much more!) All I need now is heating & cooling, a bathroom, opened windows, and floor stain. I have to hang racks from the ceiling, refine my mirror area, update some of my hangers & replace the lighting that I currently have. I could use some photography lighting too, but since I'm gully as all hail I'll be using whatever I can get my hands on including but not limited to cell phone flashlights & reflectors. (Text is dry, but that's a joke)

I did a little shoot with some esteemed colleagues & it got me all excited to expand my knowledge and tools to keep going. It's really exciting to imagine that I can pull off some clean + fun studio shots with whatever clothing and styling fits the dream that day. I have to say, I've had the luxury of spending a lot of time with super talented photographers throughout my young & adult life and all of a sudden everything I learned is coming together, turning into a crock-pot of flavor. As if anything anybody ever told me about this facet of art is going to fuel the efficacy of my shet. If you're reading this, and you taught me anything, ever... thank you. I know I lurked over your shoulder and whispered "is this ok with you" in the creepiest voice I could muster up. I'm so glad you said yes!

Currently Sara Elise (Lead Stylist, Laboratory LLC) is running around the space unpacking scores from the most random of places. We're working on our next runway show, which is going to be the best we've ever done... because every time we do something, we learn. This time, we know more than ever, just like last time, and the time before that.

Details about this show are coming soon. I've been working on the flyer and it'll be released within the month of March. THE SHOW DATE IS JUNE 10TH. It's at The Tangent, of course.

I'm pretty much getting rid of anything that doesn't pertain to this show or anything that I can use for my planned future endeavors. I fantasize about this minimalist approach to things and that's exactly where I'm headed. If it doesn't work for now, and I can't see it working soon... it's gone. I'm talkin' designs I've made that I don't think are worth selling... silk screen inks that are too small in quantity to use for large production, jewelry that's cute but I just don't want to have it on my back no mo. I can't stand the baggage of unused shit. It's going. Going. Gone. I would just throw it out but Sara wants to sort through it and donate it. Bless her heart. 

As far as digital organization goes, I've been doing great with my booking & calendar use. It's crazy how just a couple of weeks of training turns into a psycho obsession. Any time I have a conversation that so much as mentions a date, my first reaction is to put it in my calendar. I can't tell you how much stress this has relieved from my life and if you have a smartphone and aren't doing this, I recommend it. 

One thing I could work on is answering texts more quickly. I've started delaying reading my messages and texts until I'm in a position to answer them. I've realized that looking at messages while in a pinch results in loss at sea. If you leave the message to be seen later, you see the dot that signifies 'unread' and you can and answer everything at once when the time is right. Sometimes I still mess that up even though I've had that realization because picking up your smart phone is hard. There are so many distractions. 

I think my biggest downfall as a human being is irresponsibility. I want to be more responsible for myself, my family, and my confidants. Not only am I trying to keep up with what's going on around me, I'm also raising two brilliant children who get so much of my love and attention that when I have some time for go time, it's go time. 

November has been a lot like December what with all the organization tweaking and photos. I've just been putting my space together & taking care of the little things. Booking clients for beautifying, getting rid of a whole lot of hoard, and hanging out with really good people. The one thing that changed? Fear of the lack of money has begun its sinking course. There were times that I thought "Did I f@ck up? What have I done?" but a few days later I realized I was ok. There are times of silence and times of popoff. It's wavy out here... but it always comes together. If this is base, I'm fine. Now, I build. 

Your Pal,

Steiner Vaginer. 
















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