It's settled.

Couture fashion is a testimony to hand made, fitted, artisan perfection. Fine architecture!

Designers in this arena of creation develop full bodied runway shows to introduce fresh concepts. The garments are hand made. What you see on the runway is available for purchase, and will be altered to fit your body. These garments can cost anywhere between $5,000 to $500,000 and beyond! You might think it's ridiculous to spend that kind of money on a piece of clothing, but let me go on...


Fashion at its roots is a rich oil painting in the form of fabric and movement. Somewhere, the art of that has been watered down into less surprising runway designs that can be manufactured over and over again at prices that are cheap in comparison to actual couture. The art of hand made, couture clothing is struggling to stay alive because of department stores and the changing expectations in what designers should do & provide.The artists that make couture fashion are losing their place in the work field because the fine art aspect of it has almost been forgotten about. Now, some of the biggest labels are engaging in slave labor over seas to accomplish their thousands of copies of designs. What ever happened to one of a kind pieces, made in house? Why do we spend tons of money per year re-buying clothes that fall apart or over buying because things are so cheap when we could be spending that money on things that fit perfectly and won't fall apart? 

I've heard plenty of nay-say about fashion, and for the most part, i don't disagree with what people are saying. What I want to reiterate is that fashion was not always hundred dollar tee shirts, it was (and in some places, still is) the sculpting of layers, the fine tuned stitching by hand, and open view of art and style.

Couture is the care and attention toward ones body, and how to dress those shapes properly. A display of creativity gives life to a world of breathtaking hand made garments that can be worn for a life time. A jacket that is your best friend, because it accentuates your beauty and draws attention away from your less favorite places. What the hell is not to love?

 Now, what does this all mean to me right now?

Well, last night someone asked me what kind of designer I am, and I have always struggled to answer that question. I felt unsure in the past because I was trying new things and finding my voice. 

I want to announce that I've figured it out,

because I am a couture designer, and I'm proud. 

<3 Stein

Stein Van BaelComment